Fairy Tail anime premieres tonight, 30 September 2010, on Animax Asia

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Just reminding (because I'm sure you already know from the promo barrage): the Fairy Tail anime premieres tonight, Thursday, 30 September 2010, at 830PM WIB on Animax Asia.

So that's some four hours to go before —

Seventeen-year-old Lucy Heartfilia joins the (in)famous magic guild “Fairy Tail,” and teams up with a pink-haired, muffler-wearing fire mage nicknamed “Salamander,” Natsu. Along with a talking cat on the wing baptized Happy, the pair tackles some of the most perilous magic missions ever conceived (by a manga-ka).

[Synopsis adapted from the Indovision blurb]

The anime adapts the popular Mashima Hiro manga that TV Tropes commends for its beautiful drawing, imaginative magic and unusually deep (for shonen series, anyway) Character Development. Elex Media publishes the award-winning Fairy Tail manga in Indonesia (ongoing serialization in Shonen Magz, volume 8 expected to street 6 October).

A-1 Pictures and Satelight's TV co-production—featuring seiyuu Hirano Aya as Lucy Heartfilia, Kakihara Tetsuya as Natsu Dragneel, Nakamura Yuuichi as Gray Fullbuster and Kugimiya Rie as Happy—premiered on 12 October 2009 in Japan. Season 1 concluded with episode 48 last 27 September. The second season premiere is skedded for 4 October 2010.

Animax Asia's encore telecast of episode 1 will be at 130AM and 1PM on the Friday. Weekend encores of episodes 1 and 2 will be from 930-1030PM (Saturday, 2 October) and 730-830AM and 6-7PM (Sunday, 3 October).

Fairy Tail: Partial airing schedule (2010.09.30 - 2010.10.06)

EP Title Day/Date Airtime
1 Fairy Tail Premiere THU, 30 Sep 2010 830PM WIB
2 The Dragon, The Monkey and The Bull FRI, 1 Oct 830PM
3 Infiltrate The Everlue Mansion! MON, 4 Oct 830PM
4 Dear Kaby TUE, 5 Oct 830PM
5 The Armored Wizard WED, 6 Oct 830PM

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